Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Secrets for a flirty look

Are you going on a date with that cute guy that you like? Do you want to catch your husbands attencion or just want to change your look?
Then a flirty makeup is what you are looking for and I am going to give you some usefull tips & tricks that are going to help you achieve the perfect flirty look.

1. Cat eye mascara
One thing that makes a huge difference when it comes to a flirty look is definetly the way you apply mascara. You want fanned out lashes with a pointy edge.To do that take a mascara and start in the inner corner of the eye. Move the brush up and a little bit to your nose. Do the same things to the outer corner but this time move it in the opposite direction. Then take your brush and move it horizontally on the last outer lashes. That gives you a cat eye effect which is exactly what we want to achieve.

2. Warm colors
Another tip is to use warm colors for your makeup look. You can use brown, red, orange, yellow, pink or red violet. So you have lots of colors and tones to choose from.

3. Winged eyeliner
Your liner makes a big difference. For a flirty look you want a winged liner that is not too thick and not too long. It does not have to be black, it can be dark or it can be the thing that gives your look a pop of color. In this last case you can even use a cold color that goes well with the other colors that you are using. For example you can use a turquoise line for a brown eye makeup.

4. Big and full lips
For this look we want those Angelina Jolie lips. To achieve that you will line your lips a little bit above your lip line. Then apply a matching color to your lips but leave the center of your lips out for now. After you have done that take a lighter color and apply it to the center of your lips. That will give you the big sexy lips appearance  but if that is too much for you just put you lipstick on and then add a lip gloss to the center of your lips.

5. Matching blush
This is a rule for every makeup look. You want your blush to match your lips and your lips and blush to balance the eye makeup. So if you choose a vibrant makeup look you want a blush & lipstick that are not as vibrant because they can make a big difference.

6. Sexy hair
Last but not least you need the perfect hairstyle. For a flirty hairstyle you will need big voluminous hair. You can use hot rollers and hairspray or a curling wand. Both looks are great and change a lot the way you look.

Products you can use:
A good mascara is one that has two steps. Lots of companies make them. MAC Haute & Naughty Lash is one of them. Avon and essence have one. I saw them and they all look the same so I got the essence one.
A good eyeshadow palette is the 88 palette which is also made by a few brands. BH cosmetics  has one. The pigmentation is great and the price is even better.
For eyeliner you can use an eyeshadow with a wet brush so that you do not have to own lots of eyeliners.
For your lips you do not need to buy a lip liner that matches your lipstick. You can just take a lip liner brush and use your lipstick. Great lipsticks are the ones by Revlon.
I think that every blush works, so look for one that matches your lips or just use an eyeshadow as blush.
For a great Hairstyle I have to secret products. One are the Babyliss hot rollers. The other one is the Jose Eber clipless curling iron.